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Restios in the Garden
Plant list from Ginny Hunt
February 9, 2005 meeting

  • Cannamois virgata
    12' x 12', nice pink new shoots, feathery culms, the biggest.
  • Chondropetalum tectorum
    Most commonly available species. Cold hardy, nice dark green culms, 5-6', has been used for thatching.
  • Elegia capensis
    Somewhat available in nurseries. Looks like a giant fluffy horsetail. Can get 8' high by wider than that. In nature can grow in water.
  • Elegia cuspidata
    Simple culms (not fluffy), dark chestnut seed heads, 2' tall.
  • Elegia equisetacea
    Ginny brought a specimen in a container. Golden seed heads. simple culms (not fluffy), 4' tall.
  • Ischyrolepis sieberi
    3' tall, fluffy lump
  • Ischyrolepis subverticillata
    Ginny brought cut foliage. will take part shade. can get 6'+ tall. branched (horsetail) culms.
  • Restio quadratus
    Square stems, fluffy foliage. 6'tall and wider than that.
  • Rhodocoma arida
    Simple (unbranched) blue gray culms. Narrow columns to 5-6'
  • Rhodocoma capensis
    Fluffy (branched) culms. Dark green in appearance. Fairly upright growth to 6'+
  • Rhodocoma gigantea
    Fluffy growth, foliage to 4', flower stems to 8'. chestnut flowers on male plants
  • Staberoha distachya
    16" perfect mound with wiry green stems, chestnut seed heads.
  • Thamnochortus cinereus
    Fluffy tight mound to 5', silvery flowers held on stems to 7'
  • Thamnochortus fruticosus
    Ginny brought a specimen in a large container. Spreads by short rhizomes, fluffy foliage to 6-8"
  • Thamnochortus insignis
    Used for thatching. hemispheric mound to 8'h/wider. Simple culms.
  • Thamnochortus schlecteri
    Short and fluffy, so far. Shiny bronze seed heads. To 16" so far.

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